Some words about Satyabhilasha

"Satyabhilasha Patrika" is the gateway to express freely ones experience in his or her spiritual life. It's a popular quarterly magazine published by Thakur Satyananda Cultural Society which has naturally crossed its boundaries from being one more 'Religious' magazine to a free 'Spiritual' magazine dealing with Life, Literature, History, Culture, Information, Science, Poems, Songs, Guidance and Experiences of our life.

In other words, "Satyabhilasha" has expanded to the platform of truely Cultural & Literature magazine along with its essense of evoking the spirituality within every human being.

Satyabhilasha has been first published in a tabloid form on 6th october, 2016. Then a beautiful magazine came out to commomorate the 150th. Birth Anniversary of Swami Avedananda Maharaj which was endorsed by eminent personalities including ministers, administrators and writers etc.

The third issue of Satyabhilasha is expected to be published & distributed on the starting day of Joydev-Kenduli Mela from January 14, 2017onwards. This time as well, the magazine has been plattered with insightful articles, enriching poetry and various important write-ups.

Sri Ramakrishna