Jaydev Kenduli had long been considered as the birthplace of the poet Jayadeva, who had composed 'Sri Sri Gita Govindam" in Sanskrit at Birbhum district of Bengal on the northern bank of The River Ajay. Poet Jayadeva, was also the court-poet of Raja Lakhman Sen. During the Mughal era Jaydev Kenduli was part of Senpahari pargana. As per a firman issued by Aurangzeb in the 17th century, Senpahari was added to the property of Krishnaram Rai of Bardhaman Raj. Maharani Brajakishori of Bardhaman had set up temples in different places such as Puri and Vrindaban. Jugal Kishore Mukhopadhyay of Jaydev Kenduli was then court-poet at Bardhaman. It is said that it was at his request that the Maharani set up the Radhabinod temple at Jaydev Kenduli in 1683. The temple stands where the house of the poet Jayadeva, was believed locally to have stood.

How it all started

Swami Dayananda (previously known as Dwarikanath Bhattacharyya), who was also the disciple of Swami Satyananda Dev, established the foundation stone of "Sri Sri Ramakrishna Ashram" in the year 1955 ( Year 1361 as per the Bengali calendar) at Jaydev-Kenduli on the northern bank of the River Ajay.

From the beginning of the Ashram, the primary objective was to serve and uplift the fellow people, mostly needy and downtrodden, ill and weak, ignorant and uneducated, both men & women with different social and charitable programmes, religious teachings & enlightenments, modern education and health care services.

Thakur Satyananda Cultural Society

Swami Gaurananda, Revered Adhyakshya Maharaj of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, took the mission forward with his unending love, empathy and effort for serving the people, especially Children with imparting values through modern education, different extra-curricular activities, professional & vocational training and the best health-care facility so that they grow up to be strong, disciplined, enlightened individuals with exemplarily moral characters.

"Thakur Satyananda Cultural Society" was therefore established to expedite this unending quench to serve human beings and bring an overall upliftment in the mind of the people coming from different social strata irrespective of their social positions, professions and educational qualification.